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Vaginal Tightening

For the woman who has everything - Jimmy Choo shoes, Gucci and Prada bags of recent designs is now tightening the vagina to release a fraction of Harley Street surgery.

For women who have experienced childbirth vaginal muscles tend to increase during childbirth, the result can often be low, loose vaginal muscles. It is assumed that every woman fears. If it asks if the partner feels the same as before the baby was going to nod, ready to say that, URM, and not as it was. A comment like that would mean your bum look great. He dare not go.

I was a woman after giving birth to a girl super 8 pounds, without stitches, I am delighted that my number quickly recovered. My breasts are firm and round, full of milk. Nobody tells you how sexy large breasts and feel like a AA cup holder, a beautiful game called the Gold Medal of the mega versions.

Both can not wait to be reconnected - we had not made love in the last months of my pregnancy and to be honest, it was nausea. Much to my dismay that I found is that sex was less satisfactory, but does not feel the same, my vagina felt lost, I lost a lot of sense and I laughed when I sneezed or a small amount of leakage Wee. I asked my partner how I felt my vagina during sex, and if there is a difference - after much hesitation, said he does not feel as tight, he said he felt more loose and was difficult to get the feeling that I needed to maintain your erection.

With military precision that came to my / our vagina tightening debate. I read on Vaginoplasty a procedure in which part of the vaginal wall is cut and the excess vaginal lining removed. This strengthens the muscles of the vagina and surrounding tissue. All this is known as a standard gynecological procedure, an operation is still under anesthesia, no scars, and I was quite radical - which should be a last resort. My doctor friend warned me about the OP, said he could lose the feeling and the reason was quite surprised that they wanted a strengthening of the vagina. I did not quite have. He referred to a health clinic for women, where a physiotherapist taught me how to do pelvic floor exercises in the manual correctly. She tested the strength of my pelvic floor by biofeedback. The evidence was there, was very low and she told me that if we did not have a program to strengthen the pelvic floor with my pelvic floor exercises to be at risk of developing prolapse of the bladder and may be a weakness . My mother had suffered a vaginal prolapse after I was born, and could not have more children, did not want history to repeat itself and that I planned to have more children, not just one. I also learned that the weakness of the pelvic floor is hereditary - like mother like daughter, or so they say. This has been a close I was determined not to share.

Thus, with genetics against me I had on my pelvic floor exercises. It is strange that, although faced with the fact he would never be able to have another baby, I can not do the exercises. Have been tedious, boring and repetitive.

When I came back to me for a physical exam, I knew I needed to be honest with her, has not heard anything and she looked at me rather exasperated. I knew this was how I felt too. Then they said if I wanted the easy way, then you can try one of the new generation of exercise machines pelvis. She showed me one that is automatically pressure and release exercises for me, was sold on this idea. My new exercise routine has been convicted, she could feed my baby and have exercised my pond while the boy and I could feel like never before!

My partner has noticed my vagina tight before me within 2 weeks was to comment on and improve the tightness of my orgasm easier and easier to start.

I used my Kegel8 for over 2 years, my health is at a historic peak of the basin. I can not get my partner to orgasm just by tighten my vaginal muscles, I could not do before the baby! Helped me create my own conception of the vagina, and I feel very good about it. Not just sex - it's just that ever it is on me to get my body where I felt safe and happy and always a relationship with my partner and grow our family!